Learning Lessons The Hard Way

There are some things in life you just have to learn the hard way. For example, I learned that “pride goeth before a fall” when I quite literally fell down after showing off. I was trying to show my family how I could run up the driveway — I was about 3 years old at…
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My First World Problems

Like any first-world millennial, I tend to get upset about things that would have made my immigrant farmer ancestors laugh. Provided they could understand what I’m talking about. When I catch myself being upset about something that really is pretty trivial, I like to remind myself how silly I’m being. Perhaps it comes from parents…
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Graduation: For Me, A Time To Reflect

I’ve been to more high school graduation ceremonies than most people. I’ve been to at least four since my own college graduation: all high schools I’ve covered for the paper. Every time I cover graduation, my mind is split between two things: Trying to get the perfect hats-in-the-air photo, and remembering my own graduation. I’m…
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Summer Sun

There are few things I enjoy more than simply feeling the warmth of the summer sun — at least in the beginning of summer. I like to go for walks, and runs outside. I even enjoy getting to work outside on a nice, warm summer’s day (the hot, socrching ones are less enjoyable). But I…
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My Writing ‘origin Story’

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. The River Falls School District’s Twitter page challenged its followers to thank a teacher who’d influenced them. I did not have enough space to thank all the teachers I’d like to thank in 140 characters. From my preschool days through college, I’ve been blessed with so many teachers that…
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