Flying: More Like A Bus, Less Like Superman

When I was little, I figured flying in an airplane must be cool. It would feel fast, and maybe like it did in that moment after you jump off the swings when just for a split second, you feel like you’re floating. It does not. Nor does it really have the rush of riding a…
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How A Fake Crash Made A Real Difference For Me

The River Falls High School holds a mock car crash every few years, near the time of Prom, in hopes of preventing actual car crashes on Prom night, and other nights. I remember sitting through at least one such mock crash when I was in high school. Being a petite person, I had a great view of…
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Braziers Park House - library (1)

My Life In Books

I have been an avid reader since I was a small child. Even before I could read to myself, my parents would read to me. As a child with an active imagination, story time was my favorite activity in preschool and elementary. And on Mr. Rogers neighborhood. As I’ve grown up, there have been certain…
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Kids And Computers

I was impressed and proud when my little cousin, two years old at the time, figured out how to take a selfie with my smartphone, and then proceeded to steal it every time I visited and demand that I put it in “selfie” mode so she could take endless pictures of her forehead. I am…
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The peep on the left won, but really, neither Peep will truly survive a battle. The true winner is whoever gets to eat the peeps.

Peeps: Making Playing With Your Food Socially Acceptable

I’m not the biggest fan of “raw” or un-roasted marshmallows. But something about shaping them like little chicks and bunnies, and covering them with colored sugar makes them exciting to me. Sure the sugar coating has a distinctly chemical flavor, and sure Peeps taste about as great as marshmallows always did. But darn if they…
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