How I Finally Found My Sports Team

When I was in fourth and fifth grade, there were two questions that year that could make or break friendships and divide a classroom into a war of insults. The first was “Backstreet boys or N’sync?” It was a very big deal which of the two bands you liked at the time, at least among…
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The Sun Did ‘Come Out Tomorrow’

Some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You sleep through your alarm. You get toothpaste on your clothes, you lose a contact. It’s raining, you’re soaked by the time you get to work. You have car trouble… Things just seem to go wrong. I’ve written before about how I like…
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Let’s Change The World

When I was a toddler, I would go up to one of my cousins who was my age and say “Let’s argue!” We would proceed to argue, in toddler fashion, just for fun. It was a great game to us. And it ended when one of our parents, or grandparents, told us to cut it…
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‘Put On Your Sunday Clothes…’

Everyone has ‘one of those days’ at least once in a while: You lose your car keys. You spill your breakfast on your work clothes, and have to change. You realize at lunchtime that your shirt has been backwards all day. When you go for lunch, your usual restaurant is closed, or doesn’t have your…
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Why I Miss Summer Vacation

As a child, I wished for adulthood, and with it freedom from school. I would get to do whatever I wanted and not go to school ever ever again if I wanted. It did not occur to me that I would have to work if I wanted to have money to pay for food, shelter,…
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