Me And Tea Part 2: Travel Mugs

If you were to go into my apartment, and open a certain cupboard, you’d see a shelf full of travel mugs and water bottles.

Other people collect stamps, or TV show memorabilia. I collect water bottles and travel mugs.

I don’t purchase them as collectors items or anything. I drink out of them. I find them incredibly useful. And I can’t stop buying them.

It’s a bit of a problem, only because I’m running out of space.

Every time I find a nice travel mug on sale — especially on clearance — I have to buy it.

My shelf is now bursting with travel mugs: Large insulated ones, cheap plastic ones, mugs for hot drinks, mugs for cold drinks, mugs from caribou, mugs from the grocery store. All crammed into one cupboard shelf, practically bursting out whenever one opens the door.

When I first started buying all these, I really didn’t use them all that much. Particularly the hot-drink kind. I didn’t drink any hot beverage but hot chocolate and I have an awful time finding mix that doesn’t contain milk (I’m allergic).

So for years, I had all those mugs but didn’t really use them for their intended purpose.

But then, I learned to love tea. Now, all those mugs have a purpose. A nice pomegranate raspberry tea to wake me up? Pop it in a travel mug and hope out the door. A nice cool iced tea on a hot summer day? Pour it into one of my nice travel cups — the cold-drink ones, with straws.

Need a nice cup of relaxing “sleepytime” tea to help sleep? Travel mug.

Need a nice cup of tea to help with my cold? travel mug.

Want a cup of tea my cat* can’t stick her nose into? travel mug.

The only slight problem with this is that now I have an actual use for them, my travel mug collection has been growing again. I’m definitely going to have to come up with a new storage plan.


* one of my favorite teas contains catnip

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