My New Running Buddy

I’ve been running outdoors (when it’s warm enough) for a couple of years now. It’s an effort to stay in shape, and it’s also a great way to de-stress.

But I also find myself getting bored if I run all by myself every time. I was always more of a group sport person growing up. I like the accessibility of running. It’s easy to squeeze a run in here or there. All I have to do is throw on my exercise clothes, and run out the door.

And while headphones and a good audiobook do wonders for keeping me entertained, it’s also really nice to have a running buddy. Someone to keep me on pace, and someone to keep me excited about running.

And now, I think I’ve finally found the perfect running buddy: My parents’ dog, Herman.

He’s a mixed-breed puppy that they got from a farm in Iowa. He’s a good boy, very friendly, and he’s got more energy than a toddler on a sugar high. Which means he’s a good friend to have along on a longer run.

He will keep up with me and then some (I’m not that fast). In fact, I think he’ll get me going faster than usual. And he’ll always stay near me, because I’m holding the leash.

And with all his energy, my parents are happy to let me “borrow” him to go for runs.I’ll tire him out, and get him used to being around other people, and he’ll help me keep up the pace.

He also snags me some occasional human exercise buddies, as my friends think he’s adorable and are sometimes willing to go for walks (and maybe even runs) in order to hang out with the puppy.

In case you were wondering what he looks like, here is Herman.

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