My Least Favorite Things

“The Sound of Music” advises you to think of your favorite things. But sometimes, I find it more cathartic to list all the things that annoy me. Something about getting them written out on paper helps me deal with the frustration, and sometimes makes them seem a bit less irritating.

So here is a list of my least favorite things:

1. Scam calls. Not telemarketers—Those people are just doing their jobs—but scammers, who are trying to cheat me and others out of our hard-earned money. I have no patience for that. Especially as I have been on the National Do Not Call Registry for years.

I find it especially insulting when they don’t even seem to be trying to fool me. For example when I get calls about “your credit card debt.”

2. Awful malapropisms online. Substituting “shuttered” for “shuddered,” especially irritates me. It also fills my head with images of people who should be shivering in disgust or apprehension instead turning into a pair of hinged window panels.

3. That cricket that likes to sneak into the office and hide. It can clearly throw it’s little cricket “voice” because no one can find it, but the whole office can hear it.

4. Being honked at while I am stopped at a red light, and cannot turn right on red because there is a pedestrian/another vehicle in my way an I don’t want to cause an accident.

5. Brussels sprouts. I simply don’t like the way they taste.

6. People saying “irregardless,” when they mean “regardless.” Even if “irregardless” was a word, it is a double-negative, which means those who use it are saying the opposite of what they intend to say.

7. Noisy disruptions while I’m trying to write. Especially loud conversations, or loud music. I am not one of those people who can listen to music with words and write at the same time (instrumental music is fine.)


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