Let The Workout Games Begin!

Like most people, I want to be in good shape. I like being able to open pickle jars without help, and I certainly like to be in good shape during swimsuit season.

However, it can be hard to get my lazy behind up off the couch, and exercising.

I call it “inertia.” An object at rest will want to stay at rest. It just so happens that the couch and I have some good inertia going.

I’m not going to kick my Netflix habit. So, I decided that instead, I’ll use it to help myself exercise.

How, you ask, does one use their multi-season show-binge habit to get more exercise? Particularly when said show is usually enjoyed while prone on the couch, or flopped across my chair the way my mom always told me not to sit when I was little?

I made a game out of it.

I got the idea from a Facebook post I saw that turned Game of Thrones into a workout game. It works on similar principles as a drinking game. Except instead of taking a shot for every death (for example), one did push-ups or burpees, or lunges, or some other exercise.

I’ve taken that concept and tailored it to suit my own show preferences. For example, when The Flash and Supergirl start up again, I’ll do push-ups every time someone uses superpowers (I’m going to have very nice biceps). Other recurring themes will trigger sit-ups, burpees, lunges, pull-ups and more.

I started with sets of 5. So every time Supergirl flies, I did five push-ups. That adds up over the course of a show.

I’ve been increasing by one each week. So the next week was 6. Then 7, and so on. Eventually, I’ll be doing a whole lot of push-ups, sit ups, and lunges, etc.

Hopefully, this workout will work out for me.

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