Flying: More Like A Bus, Less Like Superman

When I was little, I figured flying in an airplane must be cool. It would feel fast, and maybe like it did in that moment after you jump off the swings when just for a split second, you feel like you’re floating.

It does not.

Nor does it really have the rush of riding a roller coaster.

Not that I’m complaining.

Flying an airplane is basically like riding a big bus that happens to go through the sky.

Mild turbulence feels like hitting a few potholes.

I was an adult by the time I took my first airplane ride. So, I wasn’t devastated or anything, but there was a little piece of me that wished it could have been as exciting as little me thought flying would be.

There’s still that part of me that wishes it felt more like that moment on the top of the swings and less like riding a bus.

On the bright side, the view is fantastic.

Here are a few photos taken from the sky, on a recent trip to Chicago.




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