The Power Of The Press

“Newsies” was one of my favorite movies growing up. I realize this may make me a walking cliche, but I do love that movie.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the way the newsies print their own paper and use it to forward their cause. “That’s the power of the press.” the characters say.

I haven’t ended a strike with my writing, but I do hope a few of my stories have helped someone in some small way; brought in a few extra donors to a fundraiser benefit, brought attention to a serious issue or at least given people an idea for what to do this weekend.

I like to think that, but usually, I have no idea if my stories have had any effect at all.

It’s easier for me to see the effect my stories have on myself. For example, learning to stop at the stop line and count to seven to make the light change.

Another example is running. I have tried to start running off and on over the past few years–mostly off. I would try to start running every couple years or so, severely overdo it, and immediately drop it again for another couple years.

Recently, one of my roommates and I have taken up running–again. But this time, it seems to be sticking at least a little better. I do admit it helps that we went out and bought ourselves some new running clothes–somehow having the proper accouterments makes me more motivated to run.

But new clothes hasn’t been my sole motivation. A story I did not long ago on some River Falls runners doing the Boston Marathon also inspired me.

Of course it will be years before I’m ready to do anything remotely close to a marathon, but hearing how the runners I spoke with got started running made me think that maybe it was something I could do after all.

I’m starting small–one mile at a time. I had already started anyway, but part of the reason I’ve kept going is that I’ve been inspired–one phone call, one interview, one word at a time.


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